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"A+C has been an amazing experience to bridge the gap between studying and the professional world of architecture. Like-minded creatives sharing knowledge and opportunities bred such a positive network. The skills developed here have been important in my career growth."

Daniel Njoku, RIBA Part I

"During the Lockdown, it was a blessing to be part of A+C. They gave me the opportunity to bridge the gap between University and searching for employment as a RIBA Part 1. It was a great experience being part of a team that organized the FlexiPOD competition and working on small projects alongside. This gave me the chance to stay in touch within the industry, and when I secured a full-time position it was very easy for me to cope with the fast-paced office environment. Its a group of amazing people that also enjoy meeting one another outside of work and keeping in touch when they can, it feels like we’re part of a family that helps each other grow but at the same time, A+C maintains its professional integrity providing young designers with the facilities to flourish in the Industry. I will always be part of A+C and will continue to enjoy being a part of the competitions they host and participate in, and also work on projects alongside to further extend my architectural knowledge. Thank you so much A+C!"

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Priyanka Sharma, RIBA Part I

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"Since graduating, joining A+C has been worthwhile as it allows me to exercise my creativity whilst learning from my talented peers. I am grateful to have a supportive team behind me whilst I navigate the beginning of my architectural career!."

Amina Gardner, RIBA Part I

"A+C creatives have been a brilliant support system whilst undertaking my studies. Not only have I been able to advance my skill set and knowledge, but also network with experienced professionals and talented students alike. The exposure to new ways of working, and keeping engaged in an ever-advancing profession has been invaluable."

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Davina Lyn, RIBA Part I

RIBA Part II Student.

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Hibah Shah, RIBA Part I

"Being a part of A+C was extremely helpful once I left university. Facing the reality of job hunting and the effect covid-19 had on businesses, I felt such a relief connecting with Sonda and joining his team at Arts and Creatives. Not only was I given the opportunities to develop skills whilst working from home, but I was also working with talented inspiring individuals who each were at different stages in their architectural journey. It was great to be able to relate to everyone and learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses whilst working on projects. We’ve taken part in a variety of interesting competitions along the way, each time developing a stronger understanding of one another and improving our own skill sets. It’s been extremely valuable for me and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next" :)

"Working with A+C was an invaluable experience. While struggling with the transition between university and my first part 1 placement, working with the team on competition projects gave me the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of people at all stages of their careers and allowed me to build my portfolio and confidence in my work."

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Francesca Lloyd


Dorrell Gayle-Menzie_edited.jpg

Dorrell Menzie - Gayle, RIBA Part I

"Working with everyone at A+C Ltd was an amazing experience. After graduating in late 2019, the pandemic hit shortly afterward, making applying for jobs incredibly difficult. The lockdown and the feeling of stagnation weighed heavily on my mind.

Joining A+C exposed me to people and information that I may have never known previously. The competitions we worked on gave me an opportunity to work with designers and other students in the same situation, maintaining existing skills and developing new ones. There was a genuine sense of purpose, camaraderie, and progress while working in the team, which gave me the momentum I needed to achieve my goal of getting a part-one role. 

There were so many other students that I had the pleasure of meeting. We have all found jobs now and made progress in our careers - I'm proud of us all. It was an invaluable experience and I thank Sonda for giving me the chance to be a part."

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