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A + C Freelaners is a young multicultural studio of freelance architects that is committed to breaking down barriers through technology, using it as a tool to connect us from different parts of the world; and in this way work together designing, growing as professionals, and creating the best possible version with different cultures.

On this occasion, we want to welcome you to our "pequeña villa montañosa" design competition located on the ”Cerro Áspero”, Córdoba, Argentina.

The Cerro Áspero mine is located in the Pampeanas mountains in the provinces of Córdoba and San Luis, Argentina. It is an abandoned mine from which tungsten was extracted.

Today the facilities of the mining settlement serve as a mountain refuge for those nature lovers who want to go to explore and explore this wonderful place and its imposing history.

The objective will be to design a model as a small self-sufficient village with a strong sustainable footprint, to make the most of the resources offered by the site.

For the conception of the town, you must first understand whom the space is intended for and its purpose. What is sought is to reactivate the economy of that area by reusing the existing buildings and/or materials that the place offers, so that jobs are generated for the local and surrounding people. It must be oriented to tourism.


Download full competition brief for more information!

This competition is open to students of architecture or interior design, professional architects, professional interior designers, or anyone interested in participating. No professional qualification is required.

Teams must be no more than 6 people. The presentations must be delivered in English.





+ Certificate of Achievement sign by the judges

+ 3 advanced photoshop and post-production lessons or 3 adobe illustrator classes. It will be a choice of the winning team to select the preferred course. The course will be dictated by Architecture Candy.


+A Boucher will be given to each member of the team with a value of US $ 20 to exchange for 3D models, Templates, tools and more on the Archi Hacks page.


+ They will get one digital collage per member, they will be given a choice between some designs already made by Leda Studio or they will be able to request a custom design that will be the same for all team members.


+ Exhibition and diffusion in our media platforms.



Pequeña villa motañosa Terms & Competition

This competition is open to young architects, interior designers, architectural students, and interior design students interested in participating. No professional qualification is required.
Teams must be no more than 6 people.
Participants must speak English and all entries must be submitted in English.


All materials submitted to the competition will become property of Arts and Creatives (A+C), and therefore give A+C all associated rights.
Published materials will be attributed to the appropriate author.
A + C reserves the right to modify the proposals and text in order to better adapt them to any publication format, without changing the essence of the proposal itself.
Participants are responsible for using copyright-free images. A+C will not be held responsible for the use of protected images.


PRE-REGISTRATION (21/10/01 to 21/11/30) ------ US $30.00 / UK £22.00

REGISTRATION (21/12/01 to 22/01/08) ------------- US $50.00 / UK £36.00

LATE-REGISTRATION (22/01/09 to 22/02/28) ----- US $60.00 / UK £44.00

Note: The pre-registration will allow you to enter by paying a more economical value with respect to the scheduled registration date, however, the material to begin designing will be granted once the official registration date has begun.

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