Daniel Njoku

A+C Designs has been a great experience so far, helping me to stay active in Architecture in times I was in and out of main roles. The international competition's we have entered have challenged me and I strengthened my leadership skills in certain project areas. This has been a great opportunity especially for those leaving university and looking to build their portfolio, network and stay active in the world of design.

Amina Gardner

Since graduating, joining A+C Designs has been worthwhile as it allows me to exercise my creativity whilst learning from my talented peers. I am grateful to have a supportive team behind me whilst I navigate the beginning of my architectural career!

Hibah Mahdiyyah Shah

Hibah Shah

“Working with A+C Designs has been the most enjoyable and valuable experience since university. I’ve met some amazing people, worked on a variety of projects and gained so much confidence to kickstart my career. I won’t be leaving this team any time soon!”

Francesca - BlkWhit.png

Francesca Lloyd

Working with A+C Designs as a freelancer has allowed me to continue developing my design skills and grow my portfolio, collaborating with a great team of people on projects that really interest me. It is fantastic to work with such a great team of people!